LED Flash Letters Light Crystal Fidget Hand Spinner Finger Toy Focus Gyro Gift

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  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Use This Way:Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice,spinners can be spun using one hand only using the fingers of one hand to stop and start spinning.
  • Great For Fidgety Hands, ADD & ADHD Sufferers Helps Relieve Stress.
  • Perfect size suitable for Adults and kids.
  • Easy To Carry,Small,Simple,Discrete and Fun,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought.


  • Material: ABS+LED+Silicone.
  • Color:Blue,Pink,Purple,Green,Yellow.
  • Size: 75*75*75mm, Height:13mm.
  • Bearing:608.
  • Style: Color Changing Led, Have more than 5 different pattern,random change.


  • This is a 25-in-1 Multi-function tool set, which works 100% great on disassembly, repairment and cleaning.
    The base is tiny and can fit to any corner, it means that you can do your DIY task when there is repair job
    needed, but not to get your blooey phone to a repair store that calls for tons of money.

    100% Brand New & High Quality
    Used to disassemble/disassemble cell phones, computer, small-sized electric appliance, etc
    Adjustable extension rod, can get the length as actual need
    Full spec. different screwdriver head is versatile for operation in different field
    High quality Vanadium steel (6150#) passed through high temperature process(Hardness: HRC52°-56°)
 If you need more than 50 pcs.please cantact ceylonoffer. At a lower price